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CCTA Board of Directors Application

The Corpus Christi Tennis Association, incorporated in 1959, is a vital member of the USTA Texas family of Community Tennis Associations (CTA).  We are a 501(c)(3) committed to promoting and developing the lifetime sport of tennis as a means of healthful recreation and physical fitness for those living in and around the City of Corpus Christi.

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Areas of Interest

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Special Skills, Qualifications & Professional Background

Please summarize any special skills or qualifications you may have, whether acquired from other volunteer positions, employment or other activities, including sports or hobbies.  Please also provide a brief summary of your professional background in the space below and/or you may attach additional documentation.

It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.

A background check will be conducted for all board of directors, advisors, and committee members for the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of the CCTA’s staff, volunteers and participants. No applicant will be denied volunteer status solely on the grounds of the conviction of a crime. The nature of the offense, the date of the offense, the surrounding circumstances and the relevance of the offense to the position will be considered.

“I certify that all information submitted by me throughout this application is true and complete. I understand that if any false information, omissions, or misrepresentations are discovered, my application may be rejected and active volunteer status may be terminated at any time. In consideration of my volunteer application, I agree to adhere to the policies and regulations of the Corpus Christi Tennis Association, and I agree that my volunteer status can be terminated, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time by the Corpus Christi Tennis Association.”

CCTA Policy Statement